Virtual RFB is an application to model and price redox flow batteries; it bridges the gap from
laboratory to industrial analysis with transparent, customizable parameters.


All distributions of Virtual RFB are portable, i.e., they require no installation[1].

Simply download the one for your platform, unzip, and you’re ready to go!

Release Notes
  • Version 1.0: Public release. (05/01/2017)
Currently Supported Platforms
  • Windows 7+
  • MacOS 10.9+


Virtual RFB is free for the community. Obtain your copy below.

Please fill out the following information.


Launch the program VirtualRFB from the top level folder.

Enable Quick Start for a tutorial on the first runthrough, or see the documentation in ./doc for more details.

  1. If you’re using Windows, however, you will need run-time components for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.
    (For convenience, the corresponding vc_redist installer is already supplied in each Windows distribution in ./lib, although it can also be downloaded directly from Microsoft.)

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